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First Look at Tabinator

Check out the new Tabinator Pro module for activeCollab, this screencast shows the Tabinator in action — If you like what you see, we’ve got a Special Bonus offer just for you get a FREE 1 HR Rock Your Workflow Call with our ActiveLabs team when you Buy Tabinator Pro for a Very Limited Time Sorry promotion has ended but you can check out our current promotions

How to Install activeCollab Modules

So you’d like to learn more about installing activeCollab Modules… you’ve come to the right place!

Video Tutorial: How to Install activeCollab Modules


How to Install activeCollab Themes

We’ve created a quick and easy tutorial on how to install activeCollab themes — you can use this tutorial to install our new wider version of the default activeCollab theme which works great with Tabinator Pro one of our exciting activeCollab Modules for rocking your workflow available in our store.


Other activeCollab Themes

While we are talking about activeCollab themesPLEASE do yourself a favor and check out the Modern theme by CreativeWorld!   We highly recommend this amazing theme, it’s easily customizable to match your company branding and provides a much needed overhall to the default activeCollab theme… we can’t say enough about this great theme, it’s more than worth the price tag but go see for yourself! Get the Modern Theme … and if your favorite price tag is “Free” you can check out our modification or Creative World’s ACCESS theme for activeCollab as well.


Video Tutorial: activeCollab Themes


You can also view this video on Vimeo here: How to Install activeCollab Themes