Sizzling savings, new modules for activeCollab & more.

With burgers, dogs and sausages on the grill, there’s summery hotness outside.  It’s hot in here at ActiveLabs too!

We’ve got a buzz (from all this barbecue sauce), and we want to fill you in on July’s goods for your activeCollab needs.  Exciting things are happening, new Labs are being released, and hot sales are melting like the ice cubes in our iced teas:

20% off site-wide savings with Quickify

Lots of people took advantage of the Quickify site-wide 20% off deal.  They scooped up Tabinator, Private Milestones, Cloud Backup, and the newbie-Quickify-on which we’re getting great feedback! Some even used this opportunity to take advantage of some Rock Your Workflow sessions! If you missed the deal we’re likely to make an exception (email us).

Rock Your Workflow IconGet Tabinator’s updates for free.

We are just about to release a brand new version and if you bought Tabinator Pro in the last year — you’ll get the updates for free (new features include – unlimited filter and url tabs, a new advanced admin area to set up tabs for roles across the board, default tab options, custom colors on tab indicators and  and more!)  Don’t have Tabinator Pro yet?  On Friday, the price is going up (like the temperature) but if you buy before Midnight on Friday, July 22nd you’ll get it at the current price with all the updates when they release!  Buy Tabinator Pro now.

Rock Your Workflow IconBuy 2 get 1 Free – Workflow Sessions

We’ve been enjoying the last couple of months working on new products, doing custom development, and meeting some of you in Rock Your Workflow sessions…  We’d like to meet and help more of you so we’re offering a Summer deal: Get 3 Rock Your Workflow sessions for the price of 2 in July. Offer ends July 31st.

Asking yourself… What is a Rock Your Workflow? Learn more

Drumroll please… (You can use your chicken drumstick!)

Rock Your Workflow IconQuick Fix Bundle available NOW!

Sometimes it’s the small improvements that make a big difference.  Do you wish external sites and attachments opened in new tabs?  Dream of downloading all attachments at once? These and a couple more “quick fixes” are going to bring a refreshing breeze to your workflow.  Plus, anyone that sinks their teeth into the first Quick Fix bundle will have the opportunity to influence the next Quick Fix Bundle. (Yes, we plan to make this a new series… if you like the idea, buy the bundle and send us your ideas for next volume soon!)

P.S. — We are throwing in a previously unreleased module called Bulk Mover (we use it everyday) as a bonus for anyone buying the QuickFix bundle this week ($29 Value for FREE).


Buy Quick Fix Bundle now  $ 47

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Our ideas and new products are cooking up even faster than our barbecue.  There’s more in store!  After this email we head back into The Labs! And thanks, as always, to our rockin’ clients.

We’d love for you to share your comments below about the Quick Fix Bundle and other updates!

Thanks again for all the great feedback we’ve received from everyone!

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