Let’s face it … we’ve all asked ourselves this question at some point in time in any activity, especially when it’s seeming harder than we thought…

Maybe it’s because we thought it should be easier. Maybe it’s just a remnant feeling from growing up in a school system that taught us there was really only one “right way” to do something. Whatever the source, it’s looming there in the back of our minds, nagging us like the buy now screen in some trial software.

This is often one of the key questions I get during our Rock Your Workflow sessions, and I’m not surprised at all… because this question itself inspires everyone in different ways. There seem to be two categories of people who respond to this question quite differently:

1. The push-harder group: For some of us, this question becomes a quest to continue to improve our workflow and seek out anything that will potentially help on that quest. We might own every single 3rd party module we can get our hands on, or we’ve personally customized our activeCollab installation until it’s almost unrecognizable from its original form! I’d say for this group, that burning question helps to fuel our improvement. We have turned this question into a positive for ourselves — and that’s a great feeling!

2. The walking on eggshells group: There’s another group of us out there too: those who can be held back by this confidence shaking question… Am “I” using it right? This group is walking on eggshells with every step of using activeCollab or anything we use because MAYBE the way we are using it… is not the “best” way. We’re paralyzed by the thought that there is only one way to get it right. But for this group, I believe that activeCollab can help liberate us from the “only one way to do things” mindset that we may have been taught. Sure, you’ll find better ways to do things than others, and maybe it was intended to be used differently than you are using it… but that’s not what matters right now.

The truth is… we all probably have a bit of both approaches in us.  So Regardless of how you react to, “Am I using it right?”, the most important question is…

What works for you and your team?

The raw unadulterated value of activeCollab, and why I feel that it’s often a popular choice for those moving from a more rigid system (yes, I’ll say it… Basecamp), is because the reality is one size (or shape) doesn’t fit all. Many get to a point where working around the system they are using, or with someone else’s mindset, becomes unproductive—and they now want to begin to shape things to fit their needs more. (Sure, they also often make the change because they are paying $150 per month, and having those limitations starts to eat at them.)

When working with activeCollab, keep in mind that YOU are in control – how do YOU want things used? Even if it’s not the initial purpose of the feature, does a work around help YOU and YOUR team? Make that part of your workflow and teach your team to use the system that way. In the next few weeks, I’ll share some more on this topic… Up Next, how a simple language feature can help your thinking and your workflow! Stay tuned for more.

Also if you haven’t already checked out the free article 7 Tips to make them love activeCollab, why not download it now

Here’s what some others are saying about the tips…

“Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to reading about new stuff for activeCollab from you…!” Steven via email

“I hadn’t even looked at themes…  Installed the Modern theme – it makes a big difference!” @drewm via Twitter

I hope this inspires you to break through the question of, “Am I doing this right?” and find your own “right” way of using it. And then just keep making it more “right” for you as you go. If you need help with a new perspective or optimizing for your needs — we’re happy to help you in a Rock Your Workflow session or three icon smile Am I Using it Right?


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