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Are you ready to make collaboration easier?

Introducing EasyCollab…

A new way to see and focus on what’s happening in your projects, in just one click from Firefox and Chrome without logging into your activeCollab! Why? Because we’ve found that even one more click can ruin your productivity by creating a disconnect between you and what needs to get done.

Not to mention how logging into your email to see a notification from activeCollab can send you and your team into a black hole of newsletters and social networking notifications instead of getting your work done.

EasyCollab Pro – Assignment List

With EasyCollab Pro, you’ve got a list of exactly what you need to do — with gentle notifications, to remind you to check in on recent activity right where you need it.

Assignments List Sort by

You may remember a couple weeks ago we invited a group of user’s to get an early look — well now’s your chance! Starting today for a limited time, EasyCollab Pro is available at one special price for your whole team! — 1 user or 100 users, just one low price of $79/year.

Setup is easy!

Within minutes your team can start seeing their lists of Tasks grouped by Project and Milestone — and can easily dig into a more advanced view with features like Filtering, Sorting and more.

See what you need to get done in a snap!

Filter by Label — To zoom in on areas of the workflow to batch your work – i.e. Knock out all the Feedback you need to get done.

Filter by Label

Filter by Project — Drill into a specific project on the fly, to stay focused and limit distractions!

Filter by Project

And more! Plus even more too come…

Are you ready to improve your productivity?

We hope you’ll join us in making collaboration easier by picking up EasyCollab today at this special limited time only price.

If you have any questions, please reply and we’d be happy to help.


P.S. – Remember, as with all our activeCollab products we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, try it for 60 days, if you find it’s not making your team more productive — get a full refund!

Introducing Quickify

Obliterate tasks and do more in less time!

Quickify is Coming… Next Tuesday! Tomorrow! Today! May 17th, 2011

Video Length: approx 1 min


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Get ready…

We’ve been in the labs actively working on a new surprise for you!

We often hear from activeCollab users that they “LOVE activeCollab”—and while it’s made their lives so much better (present company included!) — they say, “It just takes soooo many clicks/steps to get work done!”

They want to do more with their time—in less clicks.

Tickets & Tasks piling up?

Does this sound like you? You are a Project Manager or very busy Business Owner with several projects to oversee, team members, clients and vendors to support — not to mention getting your own work done! And you find, everyday, that there are tickets and tasks piling up in activeCollab — because you just can’t keep up with all the adding, replying, completing, and reporting.


We’ve been there — so we’re happy to introduce a HUGE improvement to your day:

Check out the 1 min video to meet Quickify, your new best friend! We guarantee you’ll say, “How did I ever manage without it?”


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Quick Reply

Quick Reply is one of our biggest time savers, allowing you to comment right from the Dashboard, Project Overview or Ticket List without loading a single activeCollab page! Need to add an attachment? You can do that too — just click on Add File instead and include multiple attachments with your reply.


…And a LOT more

Quickify lets you:

  • Preview tickets & tasks
  • Manage assignees & subscribers
  • View the last comment
  • Log your time
  • Add tasks
  • Attach Files
  • Edit due dates
  • Change priority

Still Wondering… What is Quickify?

With Quickify, you can access multiple areas of your tickets and tasks with one easy click! You can make changes faster and easier—without having to leave where you are! Quickify will quicken your ticket processing and save you hours.

Video Length: approx 9 mins

Skip ahead?

1:06 – Overview of Quickify Features – 2 mins
3:23 – Work Like a Ninja + Tabinator Pro – 2 mins
5:15 – Rock Your Schedule – Kill Tasks on the Calendar – 2 mins
7:38 – Making Ticket Lists more useful – 1 min


See how Quickify changes everything. Take a quick tour (video above)


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