activecollab Flyout Projects Filtering

If you’re like us, you’ve got more than enough projects in your activeCollab and suddenly that helpful flyout list — well, it’s just not so helpful anymore. Why? Because it’s full and overflowing off the bottom of the menu!

Not anymore, the AC team have released a great update in 3.3.13 that adds filtering to the top right of the menu (shown above)

activecollab group projects in menu

And that’s not all, if you go to your main Projects view and select the “Group by” icon — the flyout menu will also fall in line and do the same! This makes the menu incredibly useful, we’re thankful to the AC team for these types of quick wins in productivity.

activeCollab Project Menu Grouping

activeCollab Project Menu Grouping

We hope to see this toggle available on the flyout menu itself in the future, as it took a few mins after hearing about the feature in the release notes, to figure out that you had to change your main project page settings to take advantage of it. But who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth — thanks @activecollab team!