Consider this: It’s 3:00 am. Your server has crashed.
Do you know where your data is? Are you SURE it’s intact?

You cannot afford to lose your valuable information.

If you don’t have an offsite backup plan for this important data…

don’t you think you should??

Cloud Backup is a reliable, fully-functioning system that regularly and consistently archives your irreplaceable project management data. It is a no-nonsense solution for people not currently backing up their data in a secure way. ( FYI – Backing up your data to the same server that holds the original data… THAT IS NOT SAFE! )

Cloud Backup will free you from the stress of keeping regular backups of your data so that you can focus completely on running your business. We intentionally made Cloud Backup an easy-to-use tool with simple instructions for initial setup and practically no work for you after that!

You can literally SET IT AND FORGET IT!

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Start this New Year off with added peace of mind, knowing your hard work is safe in the Cloud! Happy New Year from ActiveLabs!