Are you setting up the same tasks EVERYDAY and wish you could just choose a template from a list instead of writing it up from scratch each time?


On the activeCollab forums, DogCoaches asked

“Is there a way (or module) to create a task template with a set of Subtasks that can be chosen when creating a new task?

We have the same path to follow with certain tasks, and it would be great if we don’t need to create the same subtasks over and over again.”
Little did they know we were already in the labs working on a solution… now they can start building a library of Task templates to choose from when creating a new Task!

No need to create a whole Project Template for simple routine repeatable tasks that you add to a client’s project and assign –we’re talking easy!

Just select New Task from Template, and subtasks are added automatically.   That’s not all, like magic when you pick a new due date —  subtask dates take care of themselves (following your original timeframe)!

What about assignees?


No worries, do you have a specialist who should always do a certain task?  Assign them to the template, and they will be auto assigned.   If they aren’t part of the project yet, you’ll be alerted so you can quickly add them to take part in the work needed for the Task.

Bonus: You can switch the assignees and dates before creating the Task so you don’t have to go back and make changes after people are notified (a common problem when using the “Copy to Project” feature…  if you’ve tried this as a solution, congrats you are a power user but we all know it’s merely a work around when it comes to day to day use).

We know, you’ve got to ask… What about Permissions?!

activeCollab power users’ know right away to ask ‘what about permissions?’  With Task Templates no special permission is needed, if you can create a task — you can create a New Task from a Template unlike the often recommended Copy to Project feature that requires the special “Manage Projects” permissions that many team members’ just CAN’T HAVE due to privacy.  Say no to complicated work arounds and frustrating permissions and hello to Task Templates! 

To get started….

All you need to do is create a new project to store your Task Templates, add some Tasks (the way you always create tasks –no learning required), add a category if you’d like for easy organization and you are ready to get started using templates today!

We’re confident this will become one of your favorite features, like that employee of the month taking work off your plate!

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