Hey Everyone!

I want to start out by apologizing that it’s been too long between updates — I promise you wont have to wait so long next time – And today’s update is all about making good on that promise!

But didn’t you just email me last week??

Some of you might be feeling like you just received something from us recently and wonder what I’m talking about…. And you’re right. We’ve had some great feedback on the most recent blog posts about Why we love activeCollab, Are you using it right? and What’s in a Name? … many of you took the time to also download our 7 tips for activeCollab Free PDF too!

But…. although we have been eager to share what’s going on… we’ve been biting our tongue about the improvements and updates we’ve been making behind the scenes on several of our most popular products!

Why the wait?

Why have we been keeping quiet? Well we’ve been working to improve things on several fronts at once and in the process, a few of the valuable updates to our products were delayed as we were aiming to announce the updates while unveiling our new Members area to make your life easier.

The New Members area — It’s finally here!

The day has arrived, long overdue — you can now login and download updates to any ActiveLabs products from our new Members area with your email address and password, existing customers will receive their login shortly, please login and checkout your updates!  We’d love to hear your feedback, and definitely let us know if you have any issues — [email protected]

So what’s new?

Tabinator ProTabinator Pro

There are just so many improvements in this new version that we felt it needed to be called 2.0 — the most requested feature is now available Unlimited Filter and URL tabs! Other exciting features like Role Management to create base tab configurations for each role — for easy setup of all users. Custom color indicators, drag and drop re-ordering, choose your default tab, and the list goes on. See all the details | Buy Now

Team PrivacyTeam Privacy

We’ve fully revamped this module to provide a much more intuitive UI, along with both a new Quick Settings feature to get up and running easily and an even more powerful Role settings configuration. See all the detailsBuy Now


We’ve quietly added some new features to Quickify that we thought you should know about too… a new Menu Only version not shown in the previous Quickify videos, creates a faster and smaller footprint when you are accessing the features in the toolbar. Customizable Role Settings to only show the optimal features to each role. New iPad / Touch device support — touch and slide on any Ticket or Task link to use Quickify on your phone or tablet! See all the details | Buy Now

And more…

That’s not all, for other updates login to the new Members area and check Your Account for any relevant updates. With the release of our new Members area, you’ll now have access to all your purchases and updates during your 1 year license all in one place.

A note about automatic updates…

We think it’s a great idea to have automatic notifications when new versions are released ala WordPress style plugin updates — that’s why we love what Apps Magnet are doing for the community with their new aC Garage Lite module. We’re thankful for the opportunity to help our customers stay up to date too, so we’ve accepted Nirav’s invite to add our product line to acGarage lite to keep you informed of any updates right where you need them! Get acGarage lite now, it’s free! While you are at it, check out the acGarage Pro service if you’d like to keep your system up to date the hands-free way.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

We’ve been busy with Rocking Your Workflows, Live Chatting with some great visitors, and tweeting advice too… even building out some complex custom development for some amazing clients! (Who else responds “I want to make out with this thing” when they are demoing the latest edition of your work for them! This made our day of course… you know who you are! Thanks!)… but with all that, we’ve still got some exciting new surprises on the way…

As always, happy collaborating and I’m heading back to the lab!



P.S. — Have a question about activeCollab that’s been bothering you?  I’m happy to answer questions on twitter anytime — tweet your question or frustrationlike David did, and we’ll have a mini Rock Your Workflow on twitter!