For those itching for the latest update, just wanted you to know — we’ve been busy testing the developer pre-release version of AC4 and on this 4th of July weekend, we have some great news, all our modules passed with a clean bill of health :)

Actually, that’s not quite true — there were a couple changes that affected Cloud Backup and Private Milestones but we have nursed them back to full health.   Quickify and Download All Files just needed an AC4 signature update, so you’ll still need the updates for these too.

We don’t know for sure when AC4 is officially releasing, but you may have heard about it in a recent email from ActiveCollab so we wanted you to know we’re making sure when it does, all our modules will be up to date and waiting for you in the Members area.

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend to all our US friends, and just a generally great weekend for the rest of you :)

If you are using the current AC 3.3.16 — not to worry, the latest AC 3.3.x versions are already tested and in the Members area.  There are currently no known issues after testing.  If you are having any issues, please let us know

P.S. — It’s a good idea to be sure all your 3rd party modules are ready for version 4, before clicking that upgrade button, you’ll be glad you waited.