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Keeping busy… activeCollab browser extensions, modules updates & more

Phew… we’ve been working hard this month! And we bet you’ve been working hard too, so we wont take much of your time. Just a quick update — all our modules are compatible with activeCollab 4.2.4

Speaking of modules, this month we were busy adding feature requests from customers to our activeCollab browser extension EasyCollab — in the latest version we’ve added a bunch of new premium features for Chrome and Firefoxand now this week we’ve added Safari too!

Follow @EasyCollab on Twitter for the latest updates.


Adding a comment to the task from EasyCollab

Adding a comment to the task from EasyCollab



What do you want to see next? Send us a note in the comments if there’s something you wish activeCollab could do — we might just pick your idea to release for March!

A Case for Doing Things

“It’s the task that’s never started that’s the most tiresome” – Gretchen Rubin

Credit: doornob Youtube:Stop Motion – Biblioteca Tetris

“To do, or not to do, that is the question…” Is your daily inner monologue a rephrasing of this familiar sounding prose?

If your process of deciding to do (or not do) something is growing wearily long and drawn out with seemingly relevant considerations, clutter, what ifs, and personal insecurities … If you are overcome by downright fears that might keep you from even being willing to consider the thought of doing even the smallest things … consider this:

The case for doing things is…. you will have done it.

” A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life doing nothing.”  – George Bernard Shaw

No, I’m not talking about checking your email or should you go out to the usual restaurant tonight.  We’re talking about the stuff slightly (or way) beyond your comfort zone, or that goal that feels like it might be out of reach (or only possible in an alternate universe).

Do those things.

“What one does is what counts, not what one has the intention of doing” – Pablo Picasso

Fast forward to what triggered these thoughts today… soon you’ll have done many things, and when you see the results… new processes you have in place that are running smoothly, the pictures from that trip you always wanted to take, an Evernote full of pages that make up your book,  thousands of people using your app, or maybe a long page of reviews by satisfied customers, readers or house guests …   like a number of these that hit me tonight, the emotions that flood over you as you reminisce might even inspire you to do yet another thing… like a blog post maybe? 😉

“The man who says it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt the man who is doing it “ – Chinese Proverb

What will you stop adding to your to do list today… and just do?  Share in the comments so we can celebrate the doing of it with you.  If you have some collaboration goals that you need help with, let us know!

Feature Highlight: No More Back Tracking to Add People to Projects

Have you ever been focused on preparing a new task or discussion and suddenly go to send it off to your teammates realizing that they aren’t added to the project — if you’ve had this experience, you know what I mean! There’s no simple solution…

You’ve got to go through a bunch of frustrating steps…

  1. Copy your task title and description so you don’t lose it by accident
  2. Close the New Task Window
  3. Navigate to the Project overview screen
  4. Click on Manage People in the Project
  5. Find the User and Add them
  6. Go back to start the New Task process over again, copy your title and description…
  7. Attach any files you had added
  8. Then Select that person you didn’t have available in the first place to assign!
  9. If you feel this pain on a regular basis like I do and I know that I’m not the only – today is your lucky day, slipped quietly into ActiveCollab version 4.0.10’s release notes — Enhancement #7 is your answer to prayer.

    I’ve put together a quick video to highlight this feature, for everyone else who starts using AC today for the first time — they will enjoy this without knowing the pain of back tracking — this one’s for all the longtime users following the updates. See the video for more.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Wait… Before Upgrading….

    Just a note, follow our usual recommendations to upgrade in a Staging environment — you are allowed to make a copy of your current setup, that you can use to test on before upgrading your “Production” ActiveCollab environment — this will save you a lot of headaches. Version 4.x brings some important changes that affect your Roles & Permissions as well as Homescreens that you need to be sure fit your needs before upgrading. We are personally waiting to update many of our client’s AC installations until some adjustments and bugfixes are released.

    And with 4.0.10 specifically, please note that these changes to the Assignees area as well as other issues may affect some 3rd party modules — be sure to check with developers before upgrading. We’ll be running tests on all our AC4 compatible modules to be sure these are not affected and will post an update as well.

    Thanks for following! Share your favorite AC4 features in the comments…

First Look at Tabinator

Check out the new Tabinator Pro module for activeCollab, this screencast shows the Tabinator in action — If you like what you see, we’ve got a Special Bonus offer just for you get a FREE 1 HR Rock Your Workflow Call with our ActiveLabs team when you Buy Tabinator Pro for a Very Limited Time Sorry promotion has ended but you can check out our current promotions

How to Install activeCollab Modules

So you’d like to learn more about installing activeCollab Modules… you’ve come to the right place!

Video Tutorial: How to Install activeCollab Modules


How to Install activeCollab Themes

We’ve created a quick and easy tutorial on how to install activeCollab themes — you can use this tutorial to install our new wider version of the default activeCollab theme which works great with Tabinator Pro one of our exciting activeCollab Modules for rocking your workflow available in our store.


Other activeCollab Themes

While we are talking about activeCollab themesPLEASE do yourself a favor and check out the Modern theme by CreativeWorld!   We highly recommend this amazing theme, it’s easily customizable to match your company branding and provides a much needed overhall to the default activeCollab theme… we can’t say enough about this great theme, it’s more than worth the price tag but go see for yourself! Get the Modern Theme … and if your favorite price tag is “Free” you can check out our modification or Creative World’s ACCESS theme for activeCollab as well.


Video Tutorial: activeCollab Themes


You can also view this video on Vimeo here: How to Install activeCollab Themes