And other things to be thankful for… plus a chance to win a Rock Your Workflow session!

(note: It is was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada… hope you wont mind joining me in some Thanksgiving spirit)

Have you ever taken someone you love for granted?…
Or just for a while got so caught up with your life that you forgot all the things you love about them?

It never feels good to be on the receiving end of that lack of appreciation and as much as we are around our family, friends or even our team, it’s easy to start taking them for granted too. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, which is this weekend here in Canada and next month with our friends in the US — as well as some feelings stirred up by Steve Jobs’ untimely passing — I felt like it would be a good time to show some appreciation…

I’ve been really fortunate to have such a great team, that starts with my wife (and business partner) and carries itself through to our admin and development teams — I really didn’t feel like I took them for granted, but in the past couple weeks it’s become a lot more obvious that the real answer is ‘I don’t mean to take them for granted.’

Sherice, my wife — I realize sometimes I’ve expected help from her without really valuing it the way I should.. she’s the best partner in the world.

The rest of the team — To build the products we have and meet the needs of our custom development clients….well, let’s just say, I put them through a lot of challenges and make demands on their abilities…I’m never happy just making something work, it’s got to be just right (logic, functionality, user-friendliness, aesthetics, etc)… so there’s a a lot of research, tweaking, talking and more tweaking! They don’t complain though, and often they are excited about the challenges that come from what we do together, just like me… what more could I ask for?

The Unsung Hero…

There’s also an important member of our team that never really gets the appreciation deserved and by now you probably see where I’m going with this… activeCollab… better known as The Dashboard in our day to day conversations or Dash for short (not quite as creative and original a name that I hope you’ve come up with).

Dash is in the office working , 24 hours a day , 7 days a week… always ready to jump into whatever project any one of our team wants her to focus on, oftentimes multiple projects at once… pulled in many different directions but never complaining. She’s got a great memory, so I can be sure that even if I forget something , I’ll be reminded or have access to her information on anything when I need it.

When Dash first joined our team, our workflow was quite different, very little was systematized (yes, that IS a word :)). Everything was in someone’s head, and not easily accessible at all and most things we did were done differently each time because of that… if they even got done because no one’s memory was as good as Dash’s.

Sure, Dash and I have had our differences, but I’ve come around to her way of thinking… and she’s learned some new things along the way, both from my instruction and from others who have invested the time in her, and for that I’m very thankful.

Enough with the story, you get it… activeCollab truly is the MVP on our team, not to undercut anyone else’s value… we all know we’d be lost without her. Tracking projects, tasks, time, people… it’s no small feat, and we all count on activeCollab day in and day out to be there for us.
What’s better than some appreciation? More of the same!

This weekend, I’m making you all honorary Canadians – eh!

I’d like you to take some time to think about how thankful you are and finish this sentence for me….

“I love activeCollab because… “

OR just tell me what you love about activeCollab in your own words… why not write your own blog post, tweet, or status update about it and post a link here in the comments below! For those of you in the US, you’ll be thankful ahead of schedule… 😉

BONUS — Post your “I love activeCollab” thoughts by October 31st (Extended) and you’ll be entered to win a free Rock Your Workflow session, we’ll choose a random winner by this time next week!
I’ll start things off….

I love activeCollab because… it’s given me the opportunity to find what I love to do and do it with a great team and meet some amazing clients from around the world using it to collaborate on interesting projects… and to help them do what they do even better and easier!

I love activeCollab because… it’s a great foundation to manage my projects, but I’m not limited to built in features… I can use 3rd party modules to expand the features or build my own. Thanks to Appsmagnet, USwebstyle, activeCollabmod and all my colleagues that are part of the developers program…. and to all of you who provide us with feedback and suggestions to improve our products.

I love activeCollab because… of the Modern theme — Thanks Leon! If it wasn’t for you… I’m not sure I could spend the whole day looking at my work, and I’m sure Dash appreciates it 😉

And last, but most certainly not least…

I love activeCollab because… ActiveLabs wouldn’t exist if we didn’t come across aC years ago and start to put it to work in our own business… so a BIG thanks to Ilija, Goran and the whole A51 team for building the foundation of such a great tool and for putting up with all of us who bombard you with support requests, ideas and questions in the forums and email everyday.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to everyone –I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!



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Don’t forget to tell your team, family and friends how much they mean to you too! :)